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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  September 11, 2014 5:00pm-5:54pm EDT

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his words today came as police searched a park about six miles away from the last known sighting of their mother. it's in germantown. news4's pat collins begins our live coverage. pat? >> reporte wendy, we're going to hear from catherine hoggle's father in a moment. but all week long, there's been a lot of attention focused on this chick-fil-a here in germantown. today police said there is another fast food restaurant they want you to know about. the mcdonald's factor. police say that catherine hoggle likes mcdonald's food. they say she goes there just about every day. investigators want you to know that. >> catherine seems to really have an affinity for mcdonald's food. she normally visits there once a day. she enjoys drinking dr. pepper. so we put that out there.
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if someone is in a mcdonald's later today, keep an eye out. >> reporter: 2-year-old jacob hoggle last seen sunday afternoon. 3-year-old sarah hoggle last seen monday morning. their mother, catherine hoggle, last seen tuesday morning. here she is pictured at a germantown chick-fil-a on a surveillance video shortly before she disappeared. police say she's a diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic. they believe she's responsible for the disappearance of her children. she has been charged with child neglect. the dad's plea. today we hear from randy hoggle, catherine's father, and the grandfather of the missing children. >> we know catherine, this is not you and this is not who you're about and what you do. you were the first of four kids to give me a chance to be soccer coach. probably was never good at it, but -- certainly did my best. we want sarah and jacob to have
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those same kind of opportunities. the first kiss, the first homecoming, the last prom and a full life. if you just come and get help, we'll all help you. >> reporter: randy hoggle says his daughter has been off her meds for about two weeks. coming up at 6:00, catherine hoggle's germantown hideaway. live in montgomery county, pat collins, news4. >> our team coverage continues now with news4's jackie bensen, who is live in darnestown park, where police have been searching today. jackie? >> reporter: jim, we think of montgomery county as congested, but there is a surprising amount of open air space, woods, parks like this in the area near catherine hoggle's clarksburg home. what we can tell you at this point is that investigators came here this morning and did what's called a grid search in this area, looking for any sign of catherine and her missing children, 2-year-old jacob and
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3-year-old sarah. about 50 officers arrived here at darns town park this morning. they divided the area to be searched into sections and examined each one thoroughly. nothing was found. now the significance of this park, darnestown park, is that it is just a few hundred yards from the harris teter where catherine hoggle was last seen sunday night. she is known to have gone to that harris teter. police are asking anyone who spends time in parks and wooded areas of this section of montgomery county to look out for them. if it they see anything at all that might connect them to the missing woman and her children, give them a call right away. live in darnestown, jackie bensen, news4. of course, we are staying on this story in addition to updating our website with the latest information and the developments. we continue to keep the pictures of these missing children and their mother up. so you can take a second, third or fourth look at them. that's all on we are learning more tonight
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about how a d.c. corrections official was killed. the virginia medical examiner says carolyn cross killed by blunt head trauma, strangulation, smothering. that death ruled a homicide and in a twist, alexandria police say they are also looking into a possible connection to a previous murder. in that case, an alexandria woman was strangled at an apartment building on july 4th. right now, dawit seyoum is being held. now to the solemn remembrances we will never forget. the united states is marking 13th since the september 11th attacks. in new york city today, thousands gathered at the reflecting pools where the twin towers once stood. reading each name of the nearly 3,000 people killed in the at in shanksville, pennsylvania, a moment of silence honored the passengers and crew members who stood up to the hijackers. hijackers who likely had the
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intention of crashing the plane here in washington. and at the pentagon, a new fight against terrorists overseas. president obama took part in a wreath-laying ceremony, with survivors and family members. northern virginia bureau chief julie carey joins us live from arlington near the pentagon. julie? >> reporter: while many of the victims' families gathered at the pentagon to remember an & honor their loved ones, there were observances in places the victims called home. we went to wood ridge today, where dozens came together at a special memo i can'tial memorial. in prince william county, they gather around a pentagon-shaped pool to . >> specialist jamie l. fallon, united states . >> reporter: 22 names in all were read. the 22 prince william county residents who died at the pentagon or world trade center. >> sergeant first class john j.
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chouta, united states army. >> rep inside the liberty memorial's pool, the fountains represent the twin towers. across from the plaza, another memorial made of the scarred metal, remnants of the structures that toppled in new york. they didn't personally know anyone killed at the pentagon or world trade center. she was home sick that terrible day. but even now she is compelled to take time to reflect. >> my reflection is on all of the people we lost here, pennsylvania and new york. especially the children that were on the planes that crashed from the pentagon. they were going to california that day. they won an award. i will never forget the story. >> reporter: those children whose lives were lost have made a powerful impression on this woodbridge family. jennifer is home-schooling her three children, so 9/11 is part of both her u.s. and world history lesson. >> for me, it is a day the world changed. >> r she says because her kids were born well after 9/11, she wants to make sure they understand not just what
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happened, but its meaning. >> and i just want to share with them, just the importance, the sacrifice that was made by people here in our community. the firefighters. you know,ust the whole story. and just being able to come here and be with other people who can grieve and mourn the loss that we suffered that day. but then also, you know, know what a resilient country we are and how there's a hope. >> reporter: coming up at news4 at 6:00, i'll take a look at the latest effort to create a visitor's education center near the pentagon to help tell a more complete story of what happened today. and it's being led by one of the victim's brothers. that's at 6:00. now, reporting live from arlington, i'm jaully carey, news4. in lower manhattan, thousands gathering today to remember those killed. nbc's jay gray is at ground zero where even more are expected throughout the eve. >> reporter: good evening, wendy. it has been a difficult, at
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times emotional day here in new york. thousands pouring in to ground zero today for a private ceremony, where the names of the victims, nearly 3,000, were read aloud. many by surviving family members, which is always an emotional part of the tribute . the museum itself, the 9/11 museum at ground zero, reserved today only for those family members and sponsors. but the plaza just outside of the museum for the first time ever on the anniversary of attack is open this evening. and thousands are expected to gather to pay their respects. that is the latest from here in new york. i'm jay gray, news4. >> jay, thank you. with al qaeda forces significantly diminished in the last decade, the greatest terror threat now comes from isis militants. follg president obama's prime time speech last night, syria's deputy foreign minister says his country has no reservations about air strikes. he says syrian president bashar assad is a natural ally, arguing that we are fighting the same
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enemy. back in washington, house republicans are more skeptical of president obama's plan, saying air strikes will not destroy isis. speaker john boehner says there is support for arming syrian rebels, but he didn't know when a vote might happen. the new face of terror is something family and friends of 9/11 victims monitor closely. john milton-wesley lost his fiancee, sarah clark, on flight 77, which struck the pentagon. wesley shared a conversation he had with defense secretary chuck hagel. with our chris gordon. >> they are a different breed of enemy. we had at the time a facelesses enemy, and a stateless enemy. okay? now we have an enemy that has a caliphate. there ar citizens in those areas that they have taken over, so we cannot just go over and attack a country
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indiscriminate chris gordon spo with other families at the memorial, along with a terror expert about the isis threat. he'll have much more from them coming up in our next hour. well, the ray rice scandal is not going away any time soon. one question persists. what did the league and commissioner roger goodell know. in the midst of this, the rafbs ravens have a game in baltimore. mark segraves has the fan reaction. we start with jason pugh inside the stadium with more on the fallout for the nfl. jason. >> reporter: yeah, wendy. the main question that people want answered is very simple. did nfl commissioner roger goodell see that video of ray rice and his then fiancee at the time inside the elevator that night, and if he didn't, why didn't the league office do everything in its power to make sure they had that video before he issued that two-game suspension? the nfl has announced an independent investigation will take place on this matter, and how the league went about gathering the information and
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evidence. and it will be handled. over that investigation will be former fbi director, robert mueller, commissioned to conduct the investigation, overseen by nfl owners john marvin, new york giants and art rooney of the pittsburgh steelers. now, while everyone is still trying to figure out what exactly the nfl knew about this video, ravens' owner, steve ba shaty, shared his regrets about what the ravens didn't do. >> where we dropped the ball -- i'm not -- i will kind of speak for the league, but i'm speaking about us as the ravens, that we sat back and let others do it. it's easy to say now that if the league can't get it, the team can't get it. but i know the effort we put in, and we called everybody that we could to try and get that. >> reporter: you have to remember, it's owners like steve ba shaty who employ commissioner roger goodell. if it turns out he did see this video, if he lied about having it, the openers would have to
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vote him off his post as nfl commissioner. live from m&t bank stadium, i'm jason pugh. >> thank you. we'll see you in a bit. might we see some raindrops out there toni >> i'm mark segraves at m&t bank stadium where emotions are high after ray rice is kicked off the team. we'll talk to three fans who say they're still ray rice fans but disagree on the state of his jersey. wee have that story, coming up. now we want to talk about a little bit of rain perhaps. always a question. >> yes, doug, how is it looking? what is that crawling across the radar? >> just showers. and you mentioned the good news, we're no longer thinking we might see those thunderstorms. and nothing strong around our area at all. everything well down to the south. take a look at the numbers. 90 degrees is what we hit officially so far at 5:00. 90 in frederick. 9 1 in fredericksburg.
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the humidity is there and the triller as far as a cold front is concerned. but we have only seen a few showers develop in and around our area towards hagerstown, warrenton and even a shower through the d.c. metro area. we'll talk much more about the rain as it continues to move across. this rain is really not the only story here. we've got a cold front making its way in across the area. that cold front is going to drop temperatures in a big way. i've got your forecast in just a minute. a threat from a d.c. police officer. we'll show the confrontation that shocked the chief of police. only on news4, a head-on crash. how the woman who was critically hurt can add insult to injury. >> my american express bill. there was $105 charge three times. >> and that was just part of the bill. find out how someone snagged this fairfax county woman's easy pass and took it for a joyride.
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a head-on crash. one woman critically injured her car told. >> look at her easy pass bill. you would think this fairfax county woman was taking road trip after road trip, racking up more than $1,000 in toll charges. our northern virginia bureau reporter david culver uncovers this case of easy pass theft. he joins us now with a story you are only going to see on news4. >> wendy and jim, since our progress in february, mindy gardner has focused on one thing, surviving. she has been in and out of
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intensive rehab. going through her bills, she found a charge on her american express card statement that didn't quite make sense. >> i opened my american express bill. and there is $105 charge three times. >> reporter: mindy gardner tells me that charge was for her easy pass. but the amount seemed way too high. >> so at $75, 11/11. 27, 19, 105. that's in one day. >> reporter: that's a lot of driving. especially for a woman who is confined to this home hospital bed for weeks. >> i was heavily, heavily medicated. and -- but -- a lot of injuries from head to toe. >> reporter: this is what was left of mindy's car after that february wreck. >> never occurred to me that the easy pass would even survive the accident, much less anybody was using it. >> reporter: mindy called easy pass. they immediately cancelled her transponder. she found out her pass was used for several months, leaving virginia, into new jersey, and then new york, and even as far
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north as massachusetts. the total? $1003.78. >> on your tab. >> on my tab. >> then she called henry's wrecker service. >> i said, look, this is what happened. i need to know when the car was taken away and who took it. and the response was, have a happy henry's day. and i was hung up on. >> reporter: then the phone call to fairfax county police. trouble is? >> our detectives don't have jurisdiction outside fairfax county. >> repor american express ultimately told her they could not remove the charge so how mindy is stuck with the tab. >> you look at the picture of the car, it's easy to understand that was a great target. whoever was in that car was not going to be in a situation to be thinking about the easy pass. >> just a short time ago i spoke with representatives from american express and henry's wrecking service. both tell me they're investigating mindy's case and vdot tells me tonight they're going to help connect mindy to
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the toll jurisdictions, but they stress the decision to recredit her would be left up to the individual toll facilities. coming up all-new at 6:00, steps police say you can take to prevent this from happening t >> great story, david. >> that is. that's scary. thanks, david. >> sure. >> doug joins us now. not a whole lot of rain tonight. >> no, that's a good thing. we were watching this strong cold front coming through portions of the midwest, bringing severe weather. we were not expecting that much today, but i'll tell you what, i did think for sure we would have a few in our area and right now a few showers. that's all we have. so good idea to take the umbrella with you if you are heading out this evening. although most of us may stay on the dry side. look at the high temperatures, though. 90 degrees, or actually, these are the current temperatures. 90 right now in d.c. 83 martinsburg, 89 towards fredericks and 84 in annapolis. it's warm for just one day. storm team 4 radar picking up on showers coming through. fauquier county, prince william county, back towards the winchester area and frederick,
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looking at a couple showers there. we even had a couple come right through the beltway. but these are just showers. the heaviest of these right now right around the warrenton area. i would not be surprised as these move off towards the east, however, to pick up a little bit of lightning, in the way of heavier rain. we're not talking about strong storms. all of those stay just down to our south. and i do mean just to our south. look at roanoke. seeing a line of storms there, lightning associated with those. this is all part of the cold front that is now drifting across our area. and the rain is really only one side of the story. the other side is going to be the fact that we're dealing with some much cooler temperatures. 9:30 tonight, most of the rain out of here. maybe southern maryland seeing showers. tomorr waking up to some cloud cover, some sun to the north but then watch what happens during the day. we get cloudy again as another little system moves over. so i'm expecting a lot in the way of cloud cover. some sunshine. and what i think should be a nice friday afternoon. saturday, a different story. if you have plans on saturday, this is a forecast you want to take a look at. because 8:00 a.m. on saturday
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morning, culpeper, orange, front royal, winchester, shower activity. more shower activity almost all day. it's going to be off and on. some of it will be heavier than others. we're not talking about any big storms. that is going to be rain that comes through. high temperatures only in the 70s. some of the heaviest rain in the afternoon. so taste of georgetown going on this weekend from noon to 5:00. what are we expecting? bring the umbrellas for sure. we do expect rain. most of the afternoon, at least off and on. this will not be an all-day rain but off and on. some locations could pick up a quarter inch, maybe even more. so heads up for that with those temperatures into the low 70s. not the best day for a taste of georgetown but also not the worst. big enough umbrella, you stay dry. high temperatures tomorrow, 78 in d.c. 79 fredericksburg. 76 in gaithersburg. if we see some sunshine. we'll definitely see these numbers, maybe cooler in some locations. your impact forecast tomorrow, no impact. cool, with some filtered sunshine. but we're really not dealing with a bad day tomorrow. saturday, more showers for sure, 74 degrees.
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sunday looks great. 75 degrees as the redskins play at home this weekend, looking very good there. 78 on your monday and next week, we stay in the 70s, guys. the first seven-day period with temperatures all in the 70s in months. >> nice. well, a letter that's going home with students at mckinley middle school tonight after a sixth grade teacher's controversial assignment. we first told you last night on news4 at 11:00, which asked students to draw comparisons between former president george w. bush and adolf hitler. it prompted a statement from the d.c. schools last night, saying this was not a district-approved as. and now that letter to parents which reads in part, quote, the assignment reflected extremely poor judgment and we as a school community are very sorry this happened. our teacher deeply regrets this mistake as there was no malice intended. a local swim coach was very popular in the community, but now he's going to jail. he learns his fate after taking
5:23 pm
advantage of a young swimmer he was supposed to be teaching. and a sale on 9/11. we're going to tell you about a local company getting slammed for a poorly timed promotion.
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it has been a long wait, but 30 years after a woman was sexually abused by her swim coach, justice has been served. >> christopher yacht was a
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popular swim coach in montgomery county but now is had heed to prison. zachary kiesch has the story. >> pretty nervous. and that all dissipated when i realized i've waited 30 years to speak. >> repor it took courage for danielle to speak in court today as she faced her abuser. the 53-year-old owner of the maryland suburban swim club. today bostic is a mother herself but in the mid 1980s, a young girl who loved to swim when her coach, yacht, began to sexually abuse her. >> for a long time, i was numb, and literally was -- could not think or recall of anything. >> reporter: for more than 25 years, she was filled with shame and low self esteem until she began to dig deeper into her childhood. >> definitely she realized, something is wrong. >> reporter: inside of an emotional courtroom, the judge handed down a sentence of ten years, including no unsupervised contact with minors upon release, a sentence that prosecutors say sends a strong message. >> we take child abuse, sexual
5:27 pm
and physical abuse, very seriously. and whether it happened yesterday or whether it happened 30 years ago. >> reporter: even so, yacht had defenders. he had his kids in yacht's program. >> would you feel comfortable sending your kids to his swim club? >> no doubt. >> reporter: danielle couldn't disagree more. >> the impact of childhood sexual abuse is insidious. it's awful. it affects me every single day. so my priority right now is to continue working to get healthy and claim some sense of normalcy. >> rep s won't get her childhood back with today's sentencing, but she says it's a step towards turning the page and encourages other victims to speak out. reporting in montgomery county, zachary kiesch, news4. >> now at 5:00 tonight, he was in the right place at the right time. >> a police officer saves the life of a teenager. wee we're going to tell you about a new tool that makes all the difference when every second counts. and raven fans starting to arrive at the big rivalry game tonight but people are talking about a whole lot more than the
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match-up on the field. still ahead, the ride to remember that has nothing to do with 9/11.
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right now at 5:30, confrontation caught on camera. >> got an investigation going on here. you want to be a part of it? i would suggest you pack up and go. >> reporte what are your rights in public? there are new questions after one man was confronted by a d.c. police officer. the judge says it wasn't .remeditat but the oly known as the
5:31 pm
blade runner is not in the clear yet after shooting and killing his model he will girlfriend. and some good news about an nfl player. a father's fight to help his daughter battling a rare cancer has strangers opening up their wallets. a former loudoun county youth basketball coach is going to spend the next 15 years in prison for sexually abusing one of his players. marlow tally was arrested in august of last year. police say he had a sexual relationship with a 12-year-old girl that started in 2012. she eventually told her parents and that led to his arrest. he coached teams across northern virginia, and that includes at the claude moore rec center in sterling. utili members made a grim discovery today, stumbling upon a body on kennedy street in northeast around 11:00 this morning. it was near some railroad tracks. the police have not yet given any details about this person or how he died.
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you're videotaping right now. that makes you part of it and your little camera phone, that can be used as evidence. >> that video you saw there shows the confrontation between a district officer and a man videotaping an arre. police chief cathy lanier just released a statement this evening. she tells us, quote, the video speaks for itself. i was shocked when i saw it. there is no excuse for an officer to be unaware of the policy. news4's tom sherwood takes a closer look now at the confrontation and the pol >> reporter: cyclists routinely ride by the martin luther king downtown. but it was different last sunday at 6:30 p.m. cyclist andrew heining stopping 20 yards away began videotaping these police officers deali with a suspect in a fight. that's when officer cc reynolds approached heining, firmly interrupting the video. >> this is a crime scene. you're videota right now. that pequot laks you part of it
5:33 pm
your little camera phone, that can be useds evidence. do you understand? >> reporter: a police complaint followed by heining and backed up by the seven-minute video says the officer was improperly demanding identification and requesting the right of the citizen to videotape the scene. you got any i.d. on you? >> i don't. >> reporter: what are you doing down here? >> bicycling. >> reporter: the officer's actions forcing the citizen to move away appear to violate d.c. police general orders in place for two years. those orders specifically say officers shall are not interfere with any citizen recording police activity unless it directly interferes with their jobs. that order grew out of a similar georgetown case and lawsuit by the aclu. arthur spitzer of the aclu says videotaping police is a national issue. he handled the d.c. case, and settlement here. >> and i think most d.c. police understand that. and it's a real question why this particular officer didn't get the message. >> reporter: chief cathy lanier told news4, we have an extremely
5:34 pm
clear policy on first amendment rights. the video speaks for itself. i was shocked. this matter is under investigation. in the district, tom sherwood, news4. we are just hours away from the ravens' first game since the firing of ray rice. it is also the first game since that video of him punching his then fiancee surfaced. >> it's definitely casting a large shadow tonight as fans gather at m&t bank stadium. mark segraves is talking to fans gathering in baltimore this evening. what are they telling you, mark? >> reporter: they're fired up for this game. this is a big grudge match with pittsburgh and they are fired up. but they're also fired up about ray rice and the way they perceive he was treated unfairly by the nfl and by the media. but we're -- look, right out here, by the players' gate, where the players go in. this is where we found three die-hard ravens fans who are also die-hard ray rice fans. and they say while they think
5:35 pm
what ray rice did was wrong, where they disagree is on what they'll do with their ray rice jerseys. >> i think, obviously, what he did was just disturbing and completely wrong. but i think the way he was treated was just as wrong. >> there has been a lot of players, terrell suggs going through similar things. i think the only difference, this has been caught on camera. >> reporter: when it comes to what to do with their number 27 jerseys, some fans disagree. some plan on taking the team up on the offer to exchange their jerseys. others say no way. >> absolutely not. i'll go in and ask if i can have the ones being returned. i'll take them. >> i don't think it would be something i would wear in public. like i said, i like ray rice as a person for everything he has done for the community. but at the same time, in the same hand, i have no respect for someone who lace a finger on a woman like that. >> reporter: while split on what to do with their jerseys, these fans all want ray rice back in uniform. >> i feel like he should have been maybe penalized a little
5:36 pm
more. but not take his life away. >> reporter: they didn't want to have his entire life taken away. that's what those fans think happened to ray rice. we did talk to some fans who plan on taking the team up on their offer to exchange their jerseys. you can do that right here at the stadium next friday and saturday. not today at the game. coming up at 6:00, we'll tell you about the reaction these fans have been getting here who have been wearing the number 27 jersey. reporting live from m&t bank stadium, mark segraves, news4. it's one of our top stories on the war of engines. it could be heard for miles. we're going to take you to the annual september 11th ritual. he's not guilty of murder. we'll take you to a court for a new shocking development involving oscar pistorius. and i'll look at storm team 4 radar. showers and storms starting to develop, one right around bethesda and northwest d.c. more around manassas. more around manassas. i'll zoom in and show what to
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morein fairfax county i'll zoomwe had to cutwhat to a lot of waste. we consolidated offices. started sharing printers. we can walk a few feet. replaced computers, but kept the monitors. they still work fine. we even discovered that the phone company overcharged us by three million dollars! i approve this message because congress doesn't need another right winger. they need someone who can balance a budget. oh, and we definitely didn't need so many government studies.
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you fifteen percent or more on huh, fiftcar insurance.uld save yeah, everybody knows that. well, did you know that playing cards with kenny rogers gets old pretty fast? ♪ you got to know when to hold'em. ♪ ♪ know when to fold 'em. ♪ know when to walk away. ♪ know when to run. ♪ you never count your money, ♪ when you're sitting at the ta...♪ what? you get it? i get the gist, yeah. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent more on car insurance. ♪ 13 years after the 9/11 attacks, do you feel safer from terrorism, or more vulnerable? we did an nbc washington flash survey. more than half of you who responded say you feel more vulnerable. one-third say no change. thousands of people on motorcycles roded. to remember those impacted by the nerve attacks.
5:40 pm
they came from all over the country. wearing a name of one of the people killed. the bikers gathered in four staging areas, gaithersburg, ft. washington, falls church, fairfax and headed to the national mall for an honor rally. this event is also to pay tribute to the survivors of those attacks. and members of the armed forces. the rally is expected to wrap-up about 8:00 tonight. and an arlington-based yoga studio is feeling major bash lash tonight over an ill-timed promotion. bikram yoga advertised 20% off services as a patriot day sale. it was not received well. tweets came flying like this one, saying, quote, if you wanna honor people, give away money to 9/11 funds. don't use it to bring money into your company or, quote, 3,000 innocent people died 13 years ago, and you want to celebrate with 20% off yoga? this is done in poor taste, end quote. the owner of the studio says the
5:41 pm
tweet was a mistake. not guilty of premeditateded murder. but south african sprinter oscar pistorius has been on trial since march for shooting and killing his girlfriend inside his home last year. the judge says she did find him negligent, which opens the prospect of a manslaughter convic. >> i am of the view that the accused acted too hastily and used excessive force. in the second sentence, it is clear that his conduct was negligent. >> the judge will reveal her final ruling tomorrow and if it convicted of manslaughter, pistorius faces up to 15 years in prison. are you satisfied with metro? customers roll out their best and worst lists. find out which line had the most disastrous delays.
5:42 pm
>> reporter: what's inside this mall has helped one police officer to save two lives. coming up on news4, it is that much more important to him, considering he's also almost lost his life before.
5:43 pm
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tonight, a new tool for police in prince george's county to help save people before the ambulance arrives. one officer has already saved two lives. but things could have gone very differently for him one tragic day.
5:45 pm
prince george's county bureau chief tracee wilkins joins us live with his story. tracee? >> reporte this is an officer who has a personal connection to knowing what it's like to be helpless and needing someone to help save your life. he is now credited for doing the same thing to two people, all thanks to this training the prince george's county police is working with. >> this is our tourniquet. >> repor on tuesday, this officer used this small tourniquet to save the life of a 14-year-old boy. the victim had been stabbed multiple times and was pleading to death on the steps of this beltsville apartment complex. >> i could tell his injuries were very severe by the amount of blood already on his clothes and around him. >> reporter: the officer grabbed the trauma kit and went to work while waiting on the ambulance to arrive. all the time, he was thinking. >> who would do this to a kid? why, basically? it's a little boy. seeing heavier rain but e the
5:46 pm
not a lot of lightning or thunder. and i don't think we'll see anything receive. more storms continue to develop west of gainesville, and they will continue to move forwards the east. so if you live in manassas or on and off.ntie to the wider view showing storms toward the south. this is where the heaviest storms are. right around portions of north carolina, western virginia. we did not see the heaviest of this storm. as i told you yesterday we would not. but definitely not any of the severe weather. good news there. 78 on your friday. 74 on sunday. showers likely on saturday. i do think saturday could be a little bit of a rainy day. so that's a day you're going to need the umbrella. if you have any outdoor plans, this is one you want to watch out for. 75 on sunday. 78 monday. and every day over the next seven, into the 70s. cooler weather moving in. thank you, doug. he's on a mission on two wheels. a local veteran is hitting the pavement and sharing a per


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